New Beginnings!

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Hello everyone. If you haven’t noticed, you can view video from my Graduate recital right here to the right of this window. The show was January 30, 2011, and was a great success. Be looking for more video soon from the UNLV Symphonic Winds, the UNLV Wind Orchestra, and the Tad Wind Symphony. SO, now that I am on the verge of graduating, I am left with the dilemma of what comes next. Well, I decided not to go into the doctoral program anywhere because of two reasons.
1.) I am pretty much done with school and/or school related business.
2.) I already have enough dept with the US Government.

Whatever I decide to do with my future, need to be done now. I was hoping to get an apprenticeship in LA working with TV/Film composers, but I have not the slightest clue how to even begin. I may also continue teaching as an adjunct faculty here at UNLV for a little while to maintain an income. Keep your fingers crossed, and I will do my best. I chose to be a composer and I will never give up.I knew from day one it was going to be a huge endeavor, and I also knew there was a possibility of many struggles. Bring them on! I want to thank the people who support me: My family, friends, fans for all of your support. Cheers!