Best Job In The World!!!

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Composing has been an interesting journey and for many of you who know me, you know I have longed to be in Hollywood. Once I was here, I was not sure how I would get involved. Well, a chance meeting put me in touch with comedian Ralphie May and his wife Lahna Turner. Both very funny people, and both very motivated and driven entertainers. They invited me to write a few jingles for their new podcast, set to air Aug. 1, 2012, and now I am working just about everyday on the new podcast. We will be releasing weekly and I hope it continues. It may not be a movie, but it really feels like my first Hollywood gig. Special thanks to Ralphie and Lahna for giving me the shot, and to their producer Danny Lobell for the great working experience. I will have to focus on new music for myself, of course, but this new direction is fun for now! I will be posting soon!